Happy Birthday Winny

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Happy Birthday Winny

from the fires of Mount Doom of Mordor, passing through the Hobbits of the Shire;

to a fairy it belongs now; precious.

life is short as time passes in a blink of an eye but do not disturb the water;
let it flow peacefully as the magic of life resides in it.

a special gift to someone precious; as the aura of your charm is so unique that no words will describe how i feel when you are around :*

from the deepest of my heart, my sincere birthday wishes & thank you for bringing so much life in me, thank for bringing out the best of me as she knows how to appreciate at best =)

i never thought i'd be able to make a greeting card again but my faith return and was confident enough to make one :)

it even had handmade personal touch especially the inlay where instead of jotting down on the background, i opt for tracing paper instead ;) two glossy papers, 1 tracing paper, transparent double side tape was all i need to make one of the cutest ever & i'm overwhelmed it was made for someone who deserves it :)

for privacy purposes, esp. what i wrote, i won't show the inlay ;) even though it was the best part of the card heeh =) but here is a lil sneak preview ;)

Love you loads


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