DIY : bike service & maintenance

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Aprilia RS Servicing & Maintenance
by Me, Myself & I ;)

i remember it was a gloomy sunday, i had nothing to do at home and was fcking bored as there were no electricity = no tv, no pc, no gaming absolutely n'thing.. i already purchased the necessary stuffs i usually need for my usual service of my bike and was supposedly waiting for the mecano to show up; then i decided what the hell why not do it myself ;) i said that it would be a gr8 experience t and i was as careful as i could be while diassembling & reassembling :p the latter was the hard part really lol :) so off goes the right & left fairingS, i took the water hose to drain all the coolant in the cylinder first of all & then i started. i've always used AGIP Lubricants & i dunno what took me but i just decided it was time to let go of them & going for a brand of higher standard & there i found myself buying Motul lubricants which is regarded as one of the best on the market.

2 Stroke Engine Oil: Motul 710 2T 100% Synthetic

Gearbox Oil: Motul 300V 10W40 100% Synthetic
Coolant:Abro Anti-Freeze Coolant (not my pic)
Spark Plug:NGK BR9EIX (not my pic)
and of course the necessary gaskets etc..which unfortunately i didn't take a pic of :p

some pics of the cylinder head & the piston itself..took a sandblast paper & damper it with fuel rubbing it as smooth as i could :)

it was of course a unique and first time experience for me hehe & the week after a good trip to Le Morne watching kite-surfing was a must ;)

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