Horse Racing

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Horse Racing in Mauritius

The Champ de Mars Race Track is one of the oldest race course in the world. It has always been the main venue for horse racing in Mauritius and may it still be for a long long time.

It is classified as a historical place as it has been present since 1812.

its kinda a difficult and tricky track with only a final straight of 300m and during the final curve, one needs to know where to place his horse for the final run.

The most prestigious race is the Maiden Cup where big prize money and stakes are to be won and it almost requires two laps of the champ de mars race track.

Last Saturday i was overwhelmed to see my favourite horse for this year winning his first ever race in Mauritius.

Profit Report winning his first ever race in Mauritius (pic not mine btw)

but my favourite horse of all times remains and will always remain the valiant:

Lines of Power

won 2 consecutive maiden cups and has still the best time for the 1800m race and on which i had the chance and the pleasure to ride :)


Wayne Rooney

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the most talented english footballer since Gazza; no wonder he is nicknamed Wazza :p

hits a century of goal for Man Utd + 1

Glory Glory Man Utd & The Reds Goes Marching On


qui sana soif?

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my favourite liquor when it comes to drink it along
with beer ;)

there are so many shots of tequila one can have with a pint of beer :p

mexican is best

the best place for a 600ml beer - > happy hours of le suffren :P


The Most Romantic Girl Ever

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a customised handy-made greeting card on the occasion of celebrating a 1 month relationship :p

It was the first of many customised greeting cards and it overwhelmed me so much that i vow'd to keep it safe and neat.

No words will ever describe it. On the front cover of the card is a petal and a leaf. This greeting card dates back 2002. It was said that this leaf and petal would fade away with time and would lose its texture, well after seven years, judge by yourself.

The irony is that the love has faded way while the leaf remain intact and i'm glad its texture hasn't vanished. I've always kept it neat despite my room being messy and upside down (i was born in the year of the pig btw).

But these are the cutest and most romantic stuffs i have and i will always be keeping them safe.

how much immature and stubborn i was @ that time i can't describe but while growing i learn how to preserve the very best souvenirs and loads there are surely :)

at least i've been able to keep the leaf intact cuz i know somewhere i failed her.

oh below is the bus fare ticket :p We used to collect each bus fare ticket while travelling :p

cute romantic surprising creative are just simple words but it was her true self

May God Always Bless her & Keep her Safe :)

if only . . .a'way LOL :p

cheers =) & take gr8 carez

she will always be s1 special to me =)

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PlayStation 3 Slim

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Sony's officially announced their PlayStation 3 Slim that retails for $100 less than the current PlayStation 3 fat, which is also getting a price cut.

The slim will come with a 120GB drive, and will be 32% smaller and 36% lighter than the standard PlayStation 3, as well as using 34% less power. The $300 price will apply to all

Here are some more details. The 80GB PS3 (current model) will be discounted to $300, whereas the 160GB PS3 will be $400. There will be a new PS3 logo as well as modifications to the official name from PLAYSTATION 3 to PlayStation 3 as to not be shouting all the time.

It'll also have a BRAVIA Sync feature that'll allow you to control the PS3's XMB with your Sony TV remote as long as they're connected via HDMI. And the TV will automatically turn off the PS3 when the TV goes off.

There's also a vertical stand retailing for $24 on September 3. Whether or not you can stand it up vertically for long periods of time without the stand is unknown. Sony also says that they're eliminating the feature of installing other operating systems on the Slim, so no more Linux.

Oh, and there will only be two USB ports.

Source: 2day Blog

Dear Santa,

In 2009, i have reached a level in life where i never was before. There were moments that i was so honest that people started to call me stupid but i did want to be honest and kind. Many things have changed in life and gradually i have realised that its not worthy to think of your other half each time. I have always consider people's wants and needs first of all instead of my own. Its very rare i do myself a pleasure but i think this year i deserve a bit of credit too. Well may be i don't merit too much tho' but if i don't think about myself sometimes, i'm sure i'll end up falling down from a high cliff which i will never be able to climb again.

People may think i'm egoist and i'm thinking only about myself and people who know me are aware of how much devoted i am to people i love and i care for as i have always thought of others first of all and never cared about what i want. In the end i must at least make me happy because i've always thought i'd be happy if i always satisfy people whom i love and care for but sometimes i do feel lonely and gradually sadness and sorrow creeps in. So if i'm to be lonely, i wish to spend quality time playing Far Cry 2, PES 2009 & Grand Tourismo on my Full HD TV (may i Santa?) because a PS3 is Blue-Ray and a 1080P LCD Tv would be best to display the gameplay :p This one has the Bravia Sync and such features will be helping me a lot while looking for which HDTv to buy. Oh dear oh dear. Its coming home :p

Well i don't mind the 80GB version by the way :P

Thank you very much Santa,


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Le Concept Car Slalom PiX

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3rd round of the slalom championships organised by Le Concept Car Ltd (Fast Carz Autoparts Centre) which took place yesterday on the parking of Jumbo Phoenix

It was a massive success again and the drifting of M.Unia was simply awesome. The crowd was present but it wasn't a lively one. Nevertheless, it shows how much the public loves this kind of events and thx to Concept Cars Ltd, such events are being organised in Mauritius.

No such thing in Ontario tho' but we do see lots of V12 out therez where you can a Lamborghini parked next to a Bentley and further behind a Hummer and a Yamaha R1 completes the wide view lol :)

anyway i almost miss it yesterday as i was so lazy to get out of bed on this beautiful sunday morning. Most of the people in the neighbourhood went to Anjalay Stadium for the last Bikes Rally Championship before the Ramadan starts. I wanted to stay home and watch Moto Gp on Eurosport and with Man Utd taking on Birmingham in an early kick-off, i wasn't too keen.

When i wake up the very first thing which came to my mind was to get out of the house as there were no electricity and so i missed out on Moto GP Race (oh btw Valentino Rossi won AGAIN!!) and Man Utd scrappy first win but as compensation it was drifts and slaloms all around :p

Video of the demo from R. Chung & Malik Unia to come soon.


Le Concept Car Slalom Championship: Stage III

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Le Concept Car Ltd (Fast Cars Autoparts) proudly presents the 3rd round of the slalom championships @ Jumbo Phoenix on Sunday August 16, 2008.

After 2 successful slaloms held @ Grand Bassin (Petrin Parking) and Anjalay Stadium, Concept Cars Ltd is back with another mouth-watering event.

Concept Cars Ltd was the first ever team to organise a legal 400m sprint/run in Mauritius which took place last year and it was a massive success.


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Divali Shots 08

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Some pix i took randomly during the Divali Festival of last year


Chelsea v/s Man Utd (Pictures)

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Chelsea F.C. v/s Man Utd F.C

Kick Off of the the Premiership season 2009/2010 with the Charity match between the holders of the F.A Cup, Chelsea and the Premiership Champions, Manchested United.

Not too much was at stake really but players on the pitch showed the kind of commitment which can be described as the appetite and eagerness to beat a bitter rival and to win more trophies and in the end, there was no demonstration of a friendly encounter.

United lost 4-1 on penalties after a feisty 2-2 draw at Wembley but Man Utd was fuming about a series of events in the second half, particularly a challenge by Ballack on Patrice Evra.

Earlier there was no foul on Ballack as Evra challenged for the ball and won it fair but Ref. decided to stop play as Ballack went down. I understood that it was fair to do so as the player might need treatment after going down. Evra did not understand the decision and came to talk to Ballack and seemed to defend the way he won the ball.

We should not forget the Battle of the Bridge as Evra has a history of hostility with Chelsea. While Berbatov was off the pitch, Evra was elbowed down by Ballack and play continued. No red card, no foul and no stopping of play. What's wrong with this ref? To say he hadn't a clear view of the incident would be a lie and such an inconsistency proved a point. The least he could do was to stop the game as he did before when Ballack feigned an injury when he went down.

Chelsea countered and Lampard scored his team's 2nd goal and protests from Utd ranks fused from everywhere.

Evra stepped up and attack down his left flank and booed by the Chelsea fans (souvenirs of Moscow may be).

‘The referee’s made a rod for his own back,’ said Ferguson. ‘He’d stopped the game twice already, when Nani was down and when Ballack was down. We’ve seen that before with him (Ballack). When players are acting to get the game stopped, it’s an
area I’m concerned about.’

Evra avenged himself with a lunge at the ball and not Ballack but instead got booked for winning the ball? what the hell is this kind of refereeing? It was a fanstastic tackle which won Evra the ball but instead was showed the yellow card by a referee who must be shown red by the F.A.

Fortunately, there was not too much at stake and glad this has not been a final or a match during the decisive period of the league but nevertheless such kind of refereeing should not be tolerated.

But after Chelsea's 2nd goal, i must admit that they control the game well and fairly to say they deserved something out of this game. Rooney levelled the game in injury time and with the game all squared, the penalty shoot-out Ryan Giggs and Evra missed their spots kicks to hand Chelsea the Community Shield.

but this game meant for Charity has been again over-shadowed by the rivalry between the two teams and no wonder the title race will be between those two clubs as stated before by Sir Alex Ferguson and to rub into the wounds of Ballack, i would say he will always remain the eternal runner-up as he has always been described and where was Mr Chelsea during the penalty shoot-outs.

Chelsea can celebrate as this was Wembley and not Moscow :)

Welcome Back to the English Premiership

Rooney equalises for Man Utd 2-2

Rooney Celebrates:
Great Save by P. Cech:
Chelsea's goal: 1-1

Nani's thunder shot: 0-1

Rooney driving away Evra from Ballack:

No Foul? ok, no Red Card? ok, no stopping of play? not ok
Protest from Man Utd's Players:
Sir Alex fumes @ Ref

Chelski, See in you @ Old Trafford

Glory Glory Man Utd & The Reds Goes Marching On


Aprilia RS 50 Tech Tips

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Aprilia RS 50 Tech Tips Part 2:

Removing the Airbox, Carburetor, Manifold, and Reed cage

Removing the airbox:

Now that the tank is off the next step is to remove the stock airbox and carburetor. First locate the clamp that holds the airbox to the carburetor itself. Using a flat blade screwdriver (a long one) loosen this clamp a few turns (see picture 1). Now locate the bolt at the rear top of the airbox. This M6 bolt has an 8mm hex head. Remove this bolt and that is all of the fasteners that hold the airbox to the carburetor and to the chassis. Firmly grab the airbox and pull straight up on it. This should allow it to separate from the rest of the assembly.

Removing the carburetor:

The first step in removing the carburetor itself is to remove the two bolts that hold the slide in place with a flat blade screwdriver (see picture 2). This is the point where the throttle cable goes into the carburetor. Once the two screws are removed, the slide assembly will come straight up and out of the stock carburetor. You can now remove the cable from the slide assembly. Next, loosen the clamp bolt that holds the carburetor onto the manifold. Once this is loose, the carburetor and all associated vent lines can be pulled out of the chassis. Next, remove the fuel line from the stock carburetor. This will be used on your aftermarket carburetor, or you can get a new fuel line that incorporates a filter.

Removing the throttle cable:

Now is the time to remove the throttle cable from the splitter junction. This is a simple process, but many people get confused at this point. First remove the two M4 Allen bolts that hold the oil injection pump cover onto the motor (see picture 3).

Now you will see where the second cable from the splitter junction terminates. This is the oil injection pump cable. It moves with the throttle cable to allow more oil into the case when the throttle is opened. Carefully rotate the arm that the cable terminates in to the rear of its travel (see picture 4).

You will now be able to remove the cable end from the arm. The junction splitter is made in two halves so you can remove the cables from it. The top cap is pressed on pretty well so some force will be required to break it loose. Once loose, you simply push both cables and the piston upwards. They ride in a small groove inside the junction. Remove the throttle cable from the junction splitter. If you are going to premix from now on, leave the oil pump cable disconnected. If you are going to continue to run the oil injection system, then take note of how the cables were routed and how the ends fit in their respective places. When reinstalling the cables, hook up the oil pump cable only after you are finished reinstalling cables inside the splitter junction.

Removing the manifold:
Removing the manifold is accomplished by removing the four M6 Allen bolts with a 5mm Allen driver and taking off the two small hoses that serve to heat the stock manifold (see picture 5). These hose clamps can be easily removed with a set of wire dyke pliers, and then the hoses must be pulled free. Take note at this point that two of these bolts hold stuff in addition to the manifold. The one in the top left of the manifold also holds three grounding wires that must be reconnected in order for your bike to run. The one in the bottom right holds the clutch cable in place. Take a careful look to see how these are installed. These both will need to be reinstalled on your new manifold. Once the four bolts are removed, the manifold should be free to come off. Sometimes the gasket will cause it to stick and some tapping with a rubber mallet may be needed.

Removing the reed cage:
At this point, you may either be replacing the entire reed cage, the reeds themselves or just removing the restrictor. You should see the backside of the reed cage at this point. It has a small opening that matches with the exit of the manifold. To remove the cage, try first to simply pull it out of the case with finger pressure. If that fails, resort to careful tapping and prying. This small opening is the reed cage restrictor (see highlighted picture 6).

It will only restrict your motor, if you are running a carburetor larger than the stock 12mm. For a stock carburetor, the restrictor is not a bad thing, since it smoothes the transition of air into the reed cage. For all the big carburetor users, it must come out.

The easiest way to remove the restrictor is to first remove the reeds and reed stoppers (be careful), and attack the restrictor from the front side (see picture 7). Hold the cage firmly and use a sharp Phillips screwdriver bit to remove the four screws that hold the reeds down. Once these screws are out, carefully pull the reeds away from the cage, and lay them down on a clean surface in the same way they were positioned in the cage. This is important, as reeds are usually curved to a very small extent to aid in their sealing. They need to be fitted in the same way they were originally fitted. With the reeds removed, take a screwdriver of the appropriate size and push on the restrictor from the back side. It will require some force to make it come out. Be careful not to let the tool push against anything but the restrictor (see picture 7).

You do not want to damage the sealing surfaces of the reed cage. Carefully reinstall the stock or carbon reeds and the reed stoppers

Source: Aprilia Forum


Rayban Aviator

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latest item bought off eBay

i bought the rayban aviator as a gift for my dad's birthday argh it doesn't match with his face sadly..

he notic'd those kind of sunglasses in 24 as Jack Baeur always wears these :p i should have chosen a smaller one i think cuz this one is medium. I thought medium would be ok for him but either small or medium, it doesn't match lol :p let alone on mine hahaha :p

if i use it with my new open face helmet i just bought, i look just like a cop lol :p



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AfriCafé Coffee Shop

for those who haven't yet had a try, well i will recommend you to do so =) each day a menu and of course there is the traditional fish/chicken & chips, paninis, sandwiches, coffee, fresh fruit juice and many more every day. There is even a cereal dispenser lol =)

give it a try and i'm sure you'll be overwhelmed by its service and i'm sure you will be satisfied cuz i was and i think i'll always will =)

facebook page: AfriCafé

it's found in Bourbon Street just before a bank (Bramber, Bramer; huh i don't know) lol a'way its before the junction before Remy Ollier Street if ever you are heading towards Desforges Street.

it's one-way road btw =)

Oh i almost forgot, Lasagna on Thursdays. If you like pasta, i suggest you try the lasagna :P u won't regret it =)

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Nokia Photo Browser

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Browse your photos with stunning 3D effects

Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental photo browser that makes your viewing experience quick and fun:

  • Pleasing visual effects
  • Intuitive touch UI
  • Magnifying glass
  • Face browsing
Compatibility and system requirements

Works well on Nokia devices based on S60 5th edition, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. The touch interface is only available with the S60 5th Edition including Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97.

Select the correct version to download:

All S60 5th Edition devices + S60 3rd Edition FP2 devices with accelerometer
Download (SIS 1.15 MB)

  • Tested with 5800 XpressMusic, N97, and N79.
  • Should work with N86 8MP, E66, E75, 6720 classic, 5730 XpressMusic, E55, N85, N96-3, 6210 Navigator, and N96.
  • May not be able to achieve reasonable performance with N96 and N96-3.

All S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices + S60 3rd Edition FP2 devices without accelerometer
Download (SIS 1.15 MB)

  • Tested with E71, N82, and N95.
  • Should work with 6710 Navigator, 5320 XpressMusic, 6650, 6220 classic, N78, 6124 classic, E63, E51, N95-3 NAM, N81, 6121 classic N81 8GB, 6120 classic, 6110 Navigator, 5700 XpressMusic, N76, and 6290.
  • Known not to work with E90 Communicator.
How to use:

Please allow a few seconds for each picture to generate a thumbnail for the first time. While the thumbnail is not ready, Photo Browser shows either gray box or low resolution image (looks blurry in the single image view). Once generated, the picture will load very quickly from the next time.

Touch UI

  • Strokes, drags, and taps should work as you'd expect
  • In the grid view:
    • Long press to bring up the menu
  • In the single image view:
    • Long press to start the magnifier
    • Double-tap will start the regular zoom
    • Double-tap on a face will start the face browsing
    • In the face browsing mode, a stroke will travel between faces


  • Press hang-up key to exit the Photo Browser
  • C-key or back space to delete the image
  • Devices with traditional 12-button keyboard:
    • '0' to rotate the screen
    • In the single image view, '*' to zoom-in, '#' to zoom-out
  • Devices with Qwerty keyboard:
    • Space to rotate the screen
    • 'q' to zoom-in, 'w' to zoom-out
    • 'a' to rotate counter-clockwise, 's' to rotate clockwise the image file
  • Left soft-menu to bring up menu, right soft-menu to go back

Images are loaded from memory card(E:\Images), F-drive(F:\Images\) and C-drive(C:\Data\Images\).

Source: Nokia Beta Blog


Tombeau Bay Coastal Road

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sunday as usual nothing to do. as usual there is nothing interesting to do here in mauritius a'way i went for a stroll. i wanted ice cream and i set up my mind to pereybere..do i still remember which road to take? lol :p of course. i've been away that long for christ sake :p

i realised that i hadn't enough oil and so i did not take the risk and instead i said why not going to tombeau bay? its been ages since i last set foot out there and as i was preparing myself to run thro' those bumpy roads, much to my amazement, the road is tarred and with road signs perfectly painted on the road.

hell yeah..90 km/hr on the clock and leaning on those curves of the coastal road...one word..AWESOME =)

it was the first time since long ago i took pleasure in tombeau bay..

lol i still remember (enfin bel lepoke ca) how i went there most of the time by bus or by bicycle when i had nothing to do and even went there by foot..enfin kan bisin al frekenté la tous les moyen furent bons :p

a'way each time i work'd my ass off this road..each time complaining how bad it was; in fact it was the worst road network i ever knew lol :p

but its a f'cking pleasure to be on that road but alas its not yet complete..sewerage works are still under way after the church of st malo..

but i had a nice trip and after such a long time away, it certainly feels good to be @ home :)

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Some Fireworks

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huh its not from Canada Day, neither from the Chinese New Year @ Domaine Anna, nor from the 12th of March celebrations, nor from New Year's Eve / Xmas etc..

China Day ????

i think so but i'm not so sure it was on China Day; i can't even remember when lol =)

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