The Most Romantic Girl Ever

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a customised handy-made greeting card on the occasion of celebrating a 1 month relationship :p

It was the first of many customised greeting cards and it overwhelmed me so much that i vow'd to keep it safe and neat.

No words will ever describe it. On the front cover of the card is a petal and a leaf. This greeting card dates back 2002. It was said that this leaf and petal would fade away with time and would lose its texture, well after seven years, judge by yourself.

The irony is that the love has faded way while the leaf remain intact and i'm glad its texture hasn't vanished. I've always kept it neat despite my room being messy and upside down (i was born in the year of the pig btw).

But these are the cutest and most romantic stuffs i have and i will always be keeping them safe.

how much immature and stubborn i was @ that time i can't describe but while growing i learn how to preserve the very best souvenirs and loads there are surely :)

at least i've been able to keep the leaf intact cuz i know somewhere i failed her.

oh below is the bus fare ticket :p We used to collect each bus fare ticket while travelling :p

cute romantic surprising creative are just simple words but it was her true self

May God Always Bless her & Keep her Safe :)

if only . . .a'way LOL :p

cheers =) & take gr8 carez

she will always be s1 special to me =)

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I would not have share that, but kept it for myself :D Yeah she is romantic

yeah i think i should edit this post :P

celebrating a 1 month relationship :p

wow lol, thats the spirit... celebrating (everyday)!

yashvin: that was the spirit :p card dates back to 2002 :p

This is cute! I'm feeling kind of emotional lately and this really touched me. :) You've lost contact with her? I keep all of Jev's stuff too, movies tickets, books, I think he does not know about it! :D

that's so romantic ^^

Awww...that's so sweet. Au contraire - to what Bruno said - it's a way for you to get closure...at least it brought a smile on your face...not everybody's past does that...the fact that you've cherished the bits and bobs from 'that' relationship says a lot about how you've matured into a stronger individual.

Even if it still hurts...you keep on living...

I didn't realize that guys do this too. That's so sweet.
I totally agree with moodybelle. At least it brings a smile to your face.

morinn: thank :) awee thats nice and sweet lol :) ah movie tickets.where are they? :p have loads of them somewhere :p well yeah its an old story but it was a worthy one tho' :) hehe he mustn't know then :) when he will came to know about it, his heart will melt :)

moodybelle: hmm yeah you are right :) thanks for the comments :) will check your blog :)

lapingouine: romantic yeah :)

aline: ah i remember how many times my friends use to punch me about that :p but a'way i didn't say the name but you are the only 1 here who knows her LOL :p cheers :)

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