Chelsea v/s Man Utd (Pictures)

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Chelsea F.C. v/s Man Utd F.C

Kick Off of the the Premiership season 2009/2010 with the Charity match between the holders of the F.A Cup, Chelsea and the Premiership Champions, Manchested United.

Not too much was at stake really but players on the pitch showed the kind of commitment which can be described as the appetite and eagerness to beat a bitter rival and to win more trophies and in the end, there was no demonstration of a friendly encounter.

United lost 4-1 on penalties after a feisty 2-2 draw at Wembley but Man Utd was fuming about a series of events in the second half, particularly a challenge by Ballack on Patrice Evra.

Earlier there was no foul on Ballack as Evra challenged for the ball and won it fair but Ref. decided to stop play as Ballack went down. I understood that it was fair to do so as the player might need treatment after going down. Evra did not understand the decision and came to talk to Ballack and seemed to defend the way he won the ball.

We should not forget the Battle of the Bridge as Evra has a history of hostility with Chelsea. While Berbatov was off the pitch, Evra was elbowed down by Ballack and play continued. No red card, no foul and no stopping of play. What's wrong with this ref? To say he hadn't a clear view of the incident would be a lie and such an inconsistency proved a point. The least he could do was to stop the game as he did before when Ballack feigned an injury when he went down.

Chelsea countered and Lampard scored his team's 2nd goal and protests from Utd ranks fused from everywhere.

Evra stepped up and attack down his left flank and booed by the Chelsea fans (souvenirs of Moscow may be).

‘The referee’s made a rod for his own back,’ said Ferguson. ‘He’d stopped the game twice already, when Nani was down and when Ballack was down. We’ve seen that before with him (Ballack). When players are acting to get the game stopped, it’s an
area I’m concerned about.’

Evra avenged himself with a lunge at the ball and not Ballack but instead got booked for winning the ball? what the hell is this kind of refereeing? It was a fanstastic tackle which won Evra the ball but instead was showed the yellow card by a referee who must be shown red by the F.A.

Fortunately, there was not too much at stake and glad this has not been a final or a match during the decisive period of the league but nevertheless such kind of refereeing should not be tolerated.

But after Chelsea's 2nd goal, i must admit that they control the game well and fairly to say they deserved something out of this game. Rooney levelled the game in injury time and with the game all squared, the penalty shoot-out Ryan Giggs and Evra missed their spots kicks to hand Chelsea the Community Shield.

but this game meant for Charity has been again over-shadowed by the rivalry between the two teams and no wonder the title race will be between those two clubs as stated before by Sir Alex Ferguson and to rub into the wounds of Ballack, i would say he will always remain the eternal runner-up as he has always been described and where was Mr Chelsea during the penalty shoot-outs.

Chelsea can celebrate as this was Wembley and not Moscow :)

Welcome Back to the English Premiership

Rooney equalises for Man Utd 2-2

Rooney Celebrates:
Great Save by P. Cech:
Chelsea's goal: 1-1

Nani's thunder shot: 0-1

Rooney driving away Evra from Ballack:

No Foul? ok, no Red Card? ok, no stopping of play? not ok
Protest from Man Utd's Players:
Sir Alex fumes @ Ref

Chelski, See in you @ Old Trafford

Glory Glory Man Utd & The Reds Goes Marching On


A good match from Chelsea it has to be said, they were in control of that midfield play. Evra's incident, well, seemed that Ballack hit him in the chest but he clutched his face instead, but the ref should have stopped play, as it was a deliberate foul. Hope we get our revenge in the league, 6 points from the 2 games we play vs them, and the Shield defeat would be forgotten ;)

RitesH; hehe yes We utd beat them when it mattesr :p i'd rather lose the shield every time to them if it mean results like moscow :P

there was an elbow too..then ballack body-checked but at least play should have stopped..a'way

Glory Glory Man Utd !

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