qui sana soif?

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my favourite liquor when it comes to drink it along
with beer ;)

there are so many shots of tequila one can have with a pint of beer :p

mexican is best

the best place for a 600ml beer - > happy hours of le suffren :P



mwa mo mari content kamikaze and Long Island Ice Tea + beer of course!

tiens long island ice tea. 1 lepoke pa boire ca :p

kamikaze pa mal :p tone dja drink brain hemoragie?

to guet li meme to peur :p

:D eski li legal faire pub pou l'alcool coum sa :P surtout si ban mineur visit sit ela (joking of course :P )

Looks like you didn't get my comment... :(

Anyway mo ti p dire moi mo kontan boir Henny mixed avek red bull ou bien delo coco...topo net :) Mo missier melange guiness et red bull...mo pa kontan gout guiness mais apparemment li bien populaire ici.

Mo garde mo distance are tequila parski la derniere fois mo fine boire tequila mone sou...sinon mo boir vodka et bitter lime...

bruno: lol very interesting point of view tho' :p the blog should be rated as 'R' :p

wez: oops nah :(

guiness? i hate it lol :P i don't know how people can drink this lol :P i don't like vodka too much but its ok if i drink it with redbull :p tequila is mouth watering with beer :p

a'way have u tried sambucca and beer? :p

No! I don't like mixing my drinks....else my night takes a turn for the worse...and the following morning...pa kozer...

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