PlayStation 3 Slim

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Sony's officially announced their PlayStation 3 Slim that retails for $100 less than the current PlayStation 3 fat, which is also getting a price cut.

The slim will come with a 120GB drive, and will be 32% smaller and 36% lighter than the standard PlayStation 3, as well as using 34% less power. The $300 price will apply to all

Here are some more details. The 80GB PS3 (current model) will be discounted to $300, whereas the 160GB PS3 will be $400. There will be a new PS3 logo as well as modifications to the official name from PLAYSTATION 3 to PlayStation 3 as to not be shouting all the time.

It'll also have a BRAVIA Sync feature that'll allow you to control the PS3's XMB with your Sony TV remote as long as they're connected via HDMI. And the TV will automatically turn off the PS3 when the TV goes off.

There's also a vertical stand retailing for $24 on September 3. Whether or not you can stand it up vertically for long periods of time without the stand is unknown. Sony also says that they're eliminating the feature of installing other operating systems on the Slim, so no more Linux.

Oh, and there will only be two USB ports.

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Dear Santa,

In 2009, i have reached a level in life where i never was before. There were moments that i was so honest that people started to call me stupid but i did want to be honest and kind. Many things have changed in life and gradually i have realised that its not worthy to think of your other half each time. I have always consider people's wants and needs first of all instead of my own. Its very rare i do myself a pleasure but i think this year i deserve a bit of credit too. Well may be i don't merit too much tho' but if i don't think about myself sometimes, i'm sure i'll end up falling down from a high cliff which i will never be able to climb again.

People may think i'm egoist and i'm thinking only about myself and people who know me are aware of how much devoted i am to people i love and i care for as i have always thought of others first of all and never cared about what i want. In the end i must at least make me happy because i've always thought i'd be happy if i always satisfy people whom i love and care for but sometimes i do feel lonely and gradually sadness and sorrow creeps in. So if i'm to be lonely, i wish to spend quality time playing Far Cry 2, PES 2009 & Grand Tourismo on my Full HD TV (may i Santa?) because a PS3 is Blue-Ray and a 1080P LCD Tv would be best to display the gameplay :p This one has the Bravia Sync and such features will be helping me a lot while looking for which HDTv to buy. Oh dear oh dear. Its coming home :p

Well i don't mind the 80GB version by the way :P

Thank you very much Santa,


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I'm sure Santa will be very touched by your letter. :P
The PlayStation 3 Slim looks good but I don't like the color.

lol :) have you?:p if yes can you endorse his costume :p lol :)

sadly its not ps2 compatible :( :p

This is one of the best blog. A absurd console! Bringing best Def gaming, Blu-ray DVD, web surfing and more added all into one abode the new PS3 slim is well worth its price tag.

Playstation 3 slim

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