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AfriCafé Coffee Shop

for those who haven't yet had a try, well i will recommend you to do so =) each day a menu and of course there is the traditional fish/chicken & chips, paninis, sandwiches, coffee, fresh fruit juice and many more every day. There is even a cereal dispenser lol =)

give it a try and i'm sure you'll be overwhelmed by its service and i'm sure you will be satisfied cuz i was and i think i'll always will =)

facebook page: AfriCafé

it's found in Bourbon Street just before a bank (Bramber, Bramer; huh i don't know) lol a'way its before the junction before Remy Ollier Street if ever you are heading towards Desforges Street.

it's one-way road btw =)

Oh i almost forgot, Lasagna on Thursdays. If you like pasta, i suggest you try the lasagna :P u won't regret it =)

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btw, why the small prints at the end of the post? :P


oops it's only now that i'm seeing this LOL :p

I've seen the photos on facebook. The photos are very nice! I'll go there when I go back to MU. When I went back in 2007, there was a small coffee place at Happy World House but it was not that nice. Is it still open?


thanks lol :) oh the coffee shop happy world house has been closed down. yep was not that nice i agree.

you won't recognise happy world house, so many shops has closed etc.
do you remember the library that was on the 1st floor? its gone too :(

This coffee shop looks good :D Is the coffee freshly brewed everyday? I've seen the pictures on facebook too. Sounds promising. We really need some nice coffee shops like these in Mauritius!

yeah i think so :) lol kan to desane, fr connaye :p wat we need in mauritius is BUBBLE TEA :P

the lasagna is yummy ;) its only on thursdays tho' :P

we got to catch up a lot dear. loads of things ena pu raconte toi!

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