Tombeau Bay Coastal Road

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sunday as usual nothing to do. as usual there is nothing interesting to do here in mauritius a'way i went for a stroll. i wanted ice cream and i set up my mind to pereybere..do i still remember which road to take? lol :p of course. i've been away that long for christ sake :p

i realised that i hadn't enough oil and so i did not take the risk and instead i said why not going to tombeau bay? its been ages since i last set foot out there and as i was preparing myself to run thro' those bumpy roads, much to my amazement, the road is tarred and with road signs perfectly painted on the road.

hell yeah..90 km/hr on the clock and leaning on those curves of the coastal road...one word..AWESOME =)

it was the first time since long ago i took pleasure in tombeau bay..

lol i still remember (enfin bel lepoke ca) how i went there most of the time by bus or by bicycle when i had nothing to do and even went there by foot..enfin kan bisin al frekenté la tous les moyen furent bons :p

a'way each time i work'd my ass off this road..each time complaining how bad it was; in fact it was the worst road network i ever knew lol :p

but its a f'cking pleasure to be on that road but alas its not yet complete..sewerage works are still under way after the church of st malo..

but i had a nice trip and after such a long time away, it certainly feels good to be @ home :)

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The last time I took this road was last year. It was awesome to go down there! :D

Do you mean that the road is STILL under works? pff!

yeah after the church of st malo, still sewerage works under progress

well you should have went there when the road was bumpy ;) u wouldn't have said awesome ;)

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