BMW z4 & Mini Cooper ModelS

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Genuine BMW z4 & Genuine Mini Cooper Models

i'm planning to start a new collection of miniatures and die cast models, genuine or fake.
these are two genuine models tho'

A BMW z4 & A Mini Cooper:

Next on my wishlist:

Yamaha M1 Moto GP, BMW x6, Lamborghini Reventon

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Welcome to Manchester - Michael Owen

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The Manchester Derby

Welcome to Manchester - Michael Owen

i will not linger on commenting the match as the main facts remain that Utd gifted City with 2 goals and a bad mistake from the defense line-up cost us another but yet thanks to such howlers, it was one of the greatest derbies.

2nd half was one-way traffic as Man Utd showed its mental strength to never give-up until the final whistle as every Man Utd fan should always 'Believe'.

Michael Owen has arrived

Final Score:

Old Trafford, Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester

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Aprilia RS 50 Tech Tips

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Aprilia RS 50 Tech Tips Part 3:

Removing the cylinder head, cylinder, and piston

Removing the cylinder head:

With the coolant completely drained and the exhaust removed you are now ready to proceed.

This is really the easy part. Using a set of pliers, remove the OEM hose clamps that go to the large and small hoses attached to the cylinder head (see picture 1). Now, just twist and pull on the hoses until they come off. Some water will drain at this point, which is fine. Next using a proper 13/16” spark plug socket remove the stock spark plug (circled green in picture 1).

Now using a deep-well socket, remove the water spigot, which is where the small coolant hose attached to (see picture 2). If you are using a Top Performance big-bore kit, you will reuse this part, so set it aside. If you are using any other big-bore kit, this will be a leftover part.

Next, using the proper size deep-well socket remove the temperature sending unit from the stock head (circled red in picture 1). The temperature sending unit is the only part of the head that has an electrical wire running to it. Now that the head is bare, you now need to remove the four nuts that hold down the head and cylinder to the crankcase. Note, sometimes the entire stud comes out instead of the nut alone…this is not a big deal, you just have to locate a stud installer tool or use a pair of M7 nuts to re-install the cylinder stud. With the nuts removed you simply pull up on the head and it will come off. Make sure to collect all of the four small and two large o-rings (see picture 3).

Removing the cylinder:

Try to soak up any remaining coolant in the water jacket of the cylinder. You really do not want a ton of water going into the crankcase. Next, pull up on the cylinder itself, it should slide off with some very light effort. Try to pull it up as even and square as possible (see picture 4).

The friction you feel is the piston rings pressing on the bore, which is completely normal. Also, keep a hand underneath to catch the connecting rod, so it does not bang against the crankcase when the cylinder comes off. After the cylinder is off, place a few clean rags into opening in the crankcase. You DO NOT want anything falling into the crankcase.

Removing the piston and wristpin:

The piston in held onto the connecting rod by the wristpin and two small circlips (highlighted in picture 5).

The circlips fit into small grooves in the piston, and keep the wristpin from falling out. Using a pair of needle nose pliers grab the tab on the circlip that retains the wristpin and gently pull on it (see picture 5).

It helps to give the pliers a twisting motion too, as if you are tightening the circlip onto itself. Make sure you have clean rags stuffed in the crankcase, just in case, you drop the circlip. You DO NOT want it to fall into the motor.

With just one circlip removed, you can then use a properly sized socket and extension to push the wristpin out from the other side (see picture 6).

There is a special tool for this, but the wristpins on the RS50 come out very easy. Hold the piton very firmly with one hand while removing the wristpin. You do not want to put any lateral strain on the connecting rod and big-end bearing. The piston will now come off of the connecting rod. You will also notice at this point, the small-end bearing (see picture 7).

You can either replace it at this time or simply re-use it. Finally, make sure to remove all traces of base gasket from the top of the crankcase.

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Wendy Lee

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BadGur| / Wendy / My Soulmate

As the moon rises behind the mountains, the darkness of the sky fades away little by little
The sky is overcast & despite those thick clouds, the moonlight illuminates those shadows and shows me the way.

Sitting down, watching @ this very moon today, a beautiful sunset as the sun reflects in the water at the horizon with a thick cloud hanging over my head, i could see the moon in a fading dark sky towards the abyss as the sun sets, darkness cast over the sky till the horizon gradually while the moon compensates what the sun cannot offer @ night . .

Its getting cold, its drizzling outside and i keep standing there looking @ her with my heart ripped apart, feeling so lonely, feeling so awkward to have let her go away cuz i still remember those precious times we spent together,those times i walk her home or we kept drowning each other in our complicity, those memories which will never fade

ah quel epoque =)

To the best ever friend i've ever had, to the one i've always confide in, to the one in whose hands i could've put my life in. .

To my Queen i bow, to serve & protect i've sworn upon my sword =p

our destiny is in our own hands, our stars look upon us & if one dare, have courage, faith and hope, we can change our star and head on another path :)

my best & sincere wishes . . i love you & will always do

~ H@ppy Birthd@Y ~

A Knight's wishes Every 5th September of the Year =)


nessa bday p@rty

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pictures from Sheraton to nessa's party @ trou aux biches

nessa @ Four Points Sheraton:

her lil bday party:

in the end it was a nice lil party and i was damn wrong to think that i'll be annoying myself or getting bored while being left out as i decided to just drop by for a quickie. i was supposed not to linger but lol im happy i did.

i went there early & even watch a beautiful sunset while cruising on the coastal road @ balaclava (sadly no pics) and was glad to meet some people, some old pals from college and we started catching up a lot. this surely gave me more incentive to stay longer and in the end i adjusted myself to the situation and didn't care about others as it was time to have fun and enjoy the evening.
i was @ ease and there were some people out there who obviously were nice and worthy to talk with.

i used my mobile instead for a couple of pictures. i knew there would be so many cameras shooting and so i didn't bring mine :p i could hear people competing about which camera was shooting the best picture etc lol comparing a mediocre digital camera with one shooting in high definition mode and even asking how many megapixels? since when did pixels = quality? lol bull-shit.. it was funny to hear them talking i tried my best to hold my laugh :p who said i would be bored? :p

i was glad to have a glance a full high definition sony digital camera btw and the pictures were freaky nice too. imagine these pictures being displayed on full high definition sony lcd tv =) awesome =)

the cakes and the gifts:

the front view with the full moon in the background:

ah where is Mars? it was aligned with the moon, damn it i miss'd out:

the short and sweet speech

thank you very much nessa

oh another thing.. it was wendy's birthday on saturday.. i was thinking of her a lot and wish she were here, sharing her moments with me..like we used to..

read more in next post

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Farewell PicniK

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kfchris' farewell

pictures from the farewell outing @ Mon Choisy Public Beach on Saturday.

get ready for the challenge of phoenix beer; we didn't have a table but the bin was appropriate :p

hehe 1 chance ti ena just feye sec dan poubelle la :P

Phoenix Beer, J.P Chenet & Lauder's Scotch :p imba :p

J.B bon in l'hr pu al manG

Tuning the radio.. horse racing channel.. lol ti dire al jouer profit report lol

cot sorti ca 2 la..wer kieter ca? toilet

nah 1 poubelle 5 zetoile sane la :p tolle profilage tou si ou plé :p

the traditional beer

domino largué, domage moi mo cone just colle couleur :p

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