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BadGur| / Wendy / My Soulmate

As the moon rises behind the mountains, the darkness of the sky fades away little by little
The sky is overcast & despite those thick clouds, the moonlight illuminates those shadows and shows me the way.

Sitting down, watching @ this very moon today, a beautiful sunset as the sun reflects in the water at the horizon with a thick cloud hanging over my head, i could see the moon in a fading dark sky towards the abyss as the sun sets, darkness cast over the sky till the horizon gradually while the moon compensates what the sun cannot offer @ night . .

Its getting cold, its drizzling outside and i keep standing there looking @ her with my heart ripped apart, feeling so lonely, feeling so awkward to have let her go away cuz i still remember those precious times we spent together,those times i walk her home or we kept drowning each other in our complicity, those memories which will never fade

ah quel epoque =)

To the best ever friend i've ever had, to the one i've always confide in, to the one in whose hands i could've put my life in. .

To my Queen i bow, to serve & protect i've sworn upon my sword =p

our destiny is in our own hands, our stars look upon us & if one dare, have courage, faith and hope, we can change our star and head on another path :)

my best & sincere wishes . . i love you & will always do

~ H@ppy Birthd@Y ~

A Knight's wishes Every 5th September of the Year =)


Awww you are so romantic! I like the intro...

wez: thank. thats sweet of u :)

Yeahhhh happy birthday...
ohhhhh LGM i want some ice cream now :(

lol :) ice cream? :p haha :)

u really spontaneous :) i like that :)

cheers :)

Wow! How sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog! Maybe I can learn something here about mechanics, although I wouldn't dare try it out myself! lol!

Wow This is so touching...I love it.
Sometimes there is a very fine line between friendship and love, and at times you can't cross this because you'd lose both...but u were n would always be true to your feeling...although u cant decide when u cross the line...the feelings dont take ur permission to change from friendship to love...

i agree when u say a very fine line betw friendship & love and suddenly a fear install itself in our minds..exactly the feeling dont take our permission and thats why its so cute :)

thx for passing by :)

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