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pictures from Sheraton to nessa's party @ trou aux biches

nessa @ Four Points Sheraton:

her lil bday party:

in the end it was a nice lil party and i was damn wrong to think that i'll be annoying myself or getting bored while being left out as i decided to just drop by for a quickie. i was supposed not to linger but lol im happy i did.

i went there early & even watch a beautiful sunset while cruising on the coastal road @ balaclava (sadly no pics) and was glad to meet some people, some old pals from college and we started catching up a lot. this surely gave me more incentive to stay longer and in the end i adjusted myself to the situation and didn't care about others as it was time to have fun and enjoy the evening.
i was @ ease and there were some people out there who obviously were nice and worthy to talk with.

i used my mobile instead for a couple of pictures. i knew there would be so many cameras shooting and so i didn't bring mine :p i could hear people competing about which camera was shooting the best picture etc lol comparing a mediocre digital camera with one shooting in high definition mode and even asking how many megapixels? since when did pixels = quality? lol bull-shit.. it was funny to hear them talking i tried my best to hold my laugh :p who said i would be bored? :p

i was glad to have a glance a full high definition sony digital camera btw and the pictures were freaky nice too. imagine these pictures being displayed on full high definition sony lcd tv =) awesome =)

the cakes and the gifts:

the front view with the full moon in the background:

ah where is Mars? it was aligned with the moon, damn it i miss'd out:

the short and sweet speech

thank you very much nessa

oh another thing.. it was wendy's birthday on saturday.. i was thinking of her a lot and wish she were here, sharing her moments with me..like we used to..

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O_o merci pour les photos avec les gateaux maintenant j'ai faim...encore :( anyway its fun to celebrate birthdays with friends we like (personally i hate it hahaha :p am toooo shy)

ah wi c fun but sometimes there r people one dont like too :p aryoo lol :P

u can be shy if u say but i'd say u r pretty cool tho lol :p

sinon g t au four points sheraton ce vendredi, top lambiance :P

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