Tv Room New Paint

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as Santa has heartily considered my end of year wishes, i thought that i should welcome him with a breathtaking fresh paint.

in my mind, i planned only two colours and i kept wondering which two will do a perfect match.

gosh there were so many combination of colours that i almost gave up but then while browsing BoConcept Design 2009/2010 that decided to opt for dark colours.

i tried to think about red & grey but never could imagined it in my mind..i tried my best to visualise but it wasn't coming at all..

finally a 3D rendering was a must to help me out and also to show my dad how the colours will match and look like when we finish painting it cuz he couldn't visualise it at all too ;)

the 3D rendering:-

Natural Rochester Basalt & Matt Emulsion Scarlett

and here is the real thing:-

today it will be the final touch and i will apply another layer ;)

no comments:-

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Nail ArtS

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on saturday night, i came across something very cute & stylish..

nail arts from Tanya ;)

stylish, cute & sexy like she said :) & lovely as i said ;)


FlowerS @ Réduit

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sadly i was sick on Saturday and to pack my gear with me for photo shoots seemed kinda a hassle.. in the end pictures were ok tho' it could have been much better ;)

i was too lazy to even think about it and later i regret it . . .

i spent most of the time 'at-choum' and 'snifs' lol but i couldn't help it.

the reasons why i regret it are below; enjoy the snapshots from my mobile phone.

i did my very best to focus.

"owning a nikon doesn't make you a photographer . . . knowing how to use a camera makes you one"

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5 Best Low Calorie BeerS

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special post for people (like me) who fancy happy hours or night-clubs

the 5 best low calorie beers - if one cannot find it @ Four Points Sheraton or @ Le Suffren, give a try @ Lambic Restaurant found on St Georges Street, Port Louis. You are bound to find it there and if you don't, do tell the owner its missing on his collection :) he will do his best to satisfy your booze :p


photoS AirbuS A-380

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AirbuS A-380 - Le plus gros transporteur du monde - Ile Maurice

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TGIF - a friday off - on

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so i was off @ work on friday last last :p.. but it wasn't a day off @ all for me as the only thing clinging on my mind was oils oils oils..shopping time yeah lol :p service / maintenance is knocking @ my door as i've exceeded the mileage on my odometer by far too many i think.

in the end it was a tiring day which started on the rush but which ended nicely with booze ;)

my shopping cart:
Silicon Gasket Joints
Head Cylinder Gasket Set.
Facom 10mm Wrench Key

Gear Synth 75W90 2T Speed Dot 4 Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Genuine Rear brake pads:-
so i went to robert le maire ltée to get my facom wrench key but alas it was not available. i was asked to stop-by end of november. i really hate it when im looking for s'thing and i don't get it. grrrr! argh i badly need it for my brake calipers as i don't want to damage the screws.

a'way next was CMC. i asked them about gear oil and they said they had in stock and as usual after payment there were none to be found during delivery and so i ended myself with only the engine oil.. i asked them about 75w90 synthetic oil and they gave me dry clutch gearbox oil for cars..

do i look like a guy who'll be using agip chemicals in cars? i'll be much better off @ leal with Elf

they refunded me of course in the end and my excitement of using the chemical i was looking for vanished..2nd item i missed out AGAIN.

and it was hell to go out of pailles. traffic jams everywhere. my frustration kept growing and growing..ah le salon de la maison.. merde :(

next was post office for gasket set. on my way i got the silicone and it was time to eat. it was almost 3.00 p.m. i was exhausted..

finally i got my chemicals @ feu vert store and @ high price too :(

i thought it was over but no. hell of day it was lol. after lunch i met a pal and from an instant i found myself fainting in villebague near la nicoliere. what was i doing there with my friend i dunno. it was six in the afternoon and it started to get dark. i needed to refresh, drink and eat something. direction jumbo where i had a feast. now i was feeling like i ate too much lol.

it was eight when i was back in p-louis and i thought it was over. all i was thinking of was a good shower and my bed. phone rang.

heard a sweet lil voice and the next thing i know i was drinking Budweiser beer ;)

what a day off it was..

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Liverpool v/s Man Utd Preview

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Sunday October 25, 2009

The Lancashire Derby: Live from Anfield Road

Kick Off @ 14.00 BST [17.00 (MRU Time)].

Liverpool v/s Manchester United Preview

By 985M3rv|n

Au revoir Cantona and Man United… come back when you’ve won 18read the banner at Anfield Road in January 1994 as Liverpool taunted Manchester United fans who were chanting & celebrating after going three nil up in less than half and hour.

Liverpool fans were cursing and laughing at Man Utd as they have always done down the years putting forward and boasting their tremendous record of being the only team having won 18 titles to which Utd fans could hardly response.

And the response could not be sweeter: “18 times and that’s a fact” will be all over the place from Utd fans as the time to avenge all these years of taunts and mockery finally knocks at the door. Manchester United are back at Anfield Road with 18 titles in the bag.

The Kop v/s The Red Devils

Last season, Liverpool did the double over Man Utd as they won 2-1 @ Anfield Road and 1-4 @ Old Trafford. This ended a drought of Liverpool victories over Man Utd since I don’t know how many years.

As a Manchester United fan, I’m expecting a backlash as Liverpool has had just their worst ever run in 22 years as they lost four consecutive games in a row and a wounded team hosting its greatest rival of all times on home soil is a major threat not to under-estimate.

Manchester United are ready to pile on the pressure though and an away win will boost their own confidence and at the same time giving a harsh blow to Liverpool’s title hopes but the season is very long and this match is not a title-decider.

The most important thing for Liverpool is to avoid defeat as a 5th one in a row will send them crushing deep down the 1st half of the table. The most important thing for Manchester United is to remain focus in winning another Premiership Title. Secondly to sing ‘Oh Ah Cantona’ from kick off till the final whistle and to taunt those arrogant scousers about Manchester United having won 18 titles and that is a fact. Those banners will be all over the place from the Man Utd crowd as the rallying cry would be to wear your Eric Cantona’s Mask.


A draw looms on the horizon as Liverpool cannot afford another defeat and Man Utd will also be having 2nd thoughts about rivals Chelsea and Arsenal who are starting to mount a serious title challenge. Personally, i'd prefer a Manchester United win but sometimes one needs to be neutral and take into consideration other aspects. But Liverpool will all be going out for the win too as they will want to show their fiercest rivals that they haven't given up yet. It will be a tough match with an incredible atmosphere of you'll never walk alone and glory glory man utd. Tackles & bookings will be flying all over the pitch and a red card too may be.

Glory Glory Man Utd & The Reds Goes Marching On.

Oh Ah Cantona Oh Ah Cantona Yeah! Oh Ah Cantona Oh Ah Cantona Yeah

Getting Prepared:

The preparations of Eric Cantona’s Mask & the banner flag (18 times champions that's a fact) has already started. Download it below Man Utd fans & print it out & lets sing Oh Ah Cantona.

Next step is booze. What about a Carlsberg Beer?

Naah, I’d go for my favourite: Heineken as usual & potato chips: Williard’s Crinkle Cut & Pringles.

or may be with my scarf around my neck, shooters' pub =) booozeee cheeers & singing loudly =)

So bloggers, how are you preparing yourself for this big match on Sunday?


Petite Virée a La Cambuse

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petite virée a la cambuse:

tiens 1 land-rover..très pratique :)

Au menu:
Agneaux, Saucisses, Poulet, Bière, Vin, Rhum

régalez-vous :)

envie de nager? - non merci :)

some colleagues,

ah je me sens tout tout petit a coté

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The Big Bang Theory Season 1

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The Big Bang Theory is the story of two brilliant physicists, Leonard & Sheldon, with a combined IQ of 360, the kind of perfect minds that understand how the universe works butnone of that help them interact with other people unless of their own kind.

then, a beautiful creature named Penny moves next door and Leonard sees in her a different kind of world and a whole new horizon of possibilities including friendship and love. Penny is a waitress and has a delicate friendship with Leonard and an irritable one with Sheldon.

they are accompanied in their daily life with Raj, an indian who can't talk to beautiful women unless drunk - the grasshopper - and Howard, a jewish who fancies women a lot but has no effect on Penny but is quite popular with other women and start talking in different languages when hitting on a female.

last night i completed season 1 which comprises of 17 episodes. below is my season 1 & next up is season 2 may be as season 3 is currently being aired and got loads to catch up with season 2 first and then attacked the 3rd :p

give it a try, at first it was all nerdy & geeky but in the end it was all sweeeeet-y :p

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Alpinestars T-Dyno Jacket

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Bike Gear:

It comprises of many apparels such like helmets, jackets, boots, gloves, pants, knuckles etc..

wearing an appropriate jacket and any other item from one's gear while riding a bike is a must.

below is my Alpinestars T-Dyno Jacket

  • 600 Denier fabric with PU coating.

  • Adjustable waist and sleeve cuffs.

  • Removable quilted liner.

  • Soft microfiber collar and cuffs for superior comfort.
  • Velcro®-type adjustable CE certified protectors.

  • Reflective piping and logos for increased visibility.

  • Back protector compartment with a foam back pad (CE certified RC back protector available as accessory).
Download Technical Data |1.040mb PDF|

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BMW z4 & Mini Cooper ModelS

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Genuine BMW z4 & Genuine Mini Cooper Models

i'm planning to start a new collection of miniatures and die cast models, genuine or fake.
these are two genuine models tho'

A BMW z4 & A Mini Cooper:

Next on my wishlist:

Yamaha M1 Moto GP, BMW x6, Lamborghini Reventon

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Welcome to Manchester - Michael Owen

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The Manchester Derby

Welcome to Manchester - Michael Owen

i will not linger on commenting the match as the main facts remain that Utd gifted City with 2 goals and a bad mistake from the defense line-up cost us another but yet thanks to such howlers, it was one of the greatest derbies.

2nd half was one-way traffic as Man Utd showed its mental strength to never give-up until the final whistle as every Man Utd fan should always 'Believe'.

Michael Owen has arrived

Final Score:

Old Trafford, Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester

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Aprilia RS 50 Tech Tips

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Aprilia RS 50 Tech Tips Part 3:

Removing the cylinder head, cylinder, and piston

Removing the cylinder head:

With the coolant completely drained and the exhaust removed you are now ready to proceed.

This is really the easy part. Using a set of pliers, remove the OEM hose clamps that go to the large and small hoses attached to the cylinder head (see picture 1). Now, just twist and pull on the hoses until they come off. Some water will drain at this point, which is fine. Next using a proper 13/16” spark plug socket remove the stock spark plug (circled green in picture 1).

Now using a deep-well socket, remove the water spigot, which is where the small coolant hose attached to (see picture 2). If you are using a Top Performance big-bore kit, you will reuse this part, so set it aside. If you are using any other big-bore kit, this will be a leftover part.

Next, using the proper size deep-well socket remove the temperature sending unit from the stock head (circled red in picture 1). The temperature sending unit is the only part of the head that has an electrical wire running to it. Now that the head is bare, you now need to remove the four nuts that hold down the head and cylinder to the crankcase. Note, sometimes the entire stud comes out instead of the nut alone…this is not a big deal, you just have to locate a stud installer tool or use a pair of M7 nuts to re-install the cylinder stud. With the nuts removed you simply pull up on the head and it will come off. Make sure to collect all of the four small and two large o-rings (see picture 3).

Removing the cylinder:

Try to soak up any remaining coolant in the water jacket of the cylinder. You really do not want a ton of water going into the crankcase. Next, pull up on the cylinder itself, it should slide off with some very light effort. Try to pull it up as even and square as possible (see picture 4).

The friction you feel is the piston rings pressing on the bore, which is completely normal. Also, keep a hand underneath to catch the connecting rod, so it does not bang against the crankcase when the cylinder comes off. After the cylinder is off, place a few clean rags into opening in the crankcase. You DO NOT want anything falling into the crankcase.

Removing the piston and wristpin:

The piston in held onto the connecting rod by the wristpin and two small circlips (highlighted in picture 5).

The circlips fit into small grooves in the piston, and keep the wristpin from falling out. Using a pair of needle nose pliers grab the tab on the circlip that retains the wristpin and gently pull on it (see picture 5).

It helps to give the pliers a twisting motion too, as if you are tightening the circlip onto itself. Make sure you have clean rags stuffed in the crankcase, just in case, you drop the circlip. You DO NOT want it to fall into the motor.

With just one circlip removed, you can then use a properly sized socket and extension to push the wristpin out from the other side (see picture 6).

There is a special tool for this, but the wristpins on the RS50 come out very easy. Hold the piton very firmly with one hand while removing the wristpin. You do not want to put any lateral strain on the connecting rod and big-end bearing. The piston will now come off of the connecting rod. You will also notice at this point, the small-end bearing (see picture 7).

You can either replace it at this time or simply re-use it. Finally, make sure to remove all traces of base gasket from the top of the crankcase.

Source: Aprilia Forum

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