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sadly i was sick on Saturday and to pack my gear with me for photo shoots seemed kinda a hassle.. in the end pictures were ok tho' it could have been much better ;)

i was too lazy to even think about it and later i regret it . . .

i spent most of the time 'at-choum' and 'snifs' lol but i couldn't help it.

the reasons why i regret it are below; enjoy the snapshots from my mobile phone.

i did my very best to focus.

"owning a nikon doesn't make you a photographer . . . knowing how to use a camera makes you one"

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I love the pictures! :)

oh thank you ;) sadly i didn't my camera & the rest of my gear with me..so took mobile and in the end, pic came out good ;)

Great pics, and well said as well, knowing how to use a camera makes u a great photographer (am still an amateur one thou ;) )

My old Nokia phone took the best pictures ever and it never disappointed me! :)

Les photos sont magnifiques! Je ne suis pas très fan des fleurs mais elle sont très jolies. ^-^

thanks dudes for the comments :)

im sure a blackberry takes better photos than my nokia ;) lol :)

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