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so i was off @ work on friday last last :p.. but it wasn't a day off @ all for me as the only thing clinging on my mind was oils oils oils..shopping time yeah lol :p service / maintenance is knocking @ my door as i've exceeded the mileage on my odometer by far too many i think.

in the end it was a tiring day which started on the rush but which ended nicely with booze ;)

my shopping cart:
Silicon Gasket Joints
Head Cylinder Gasket Set.
Facom 10mm Wrench Key

Gear Synth 75W90 2T Speed Dot 4 Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Genuine Rear brake pads:-
so i went to robert le maire ltée to get my facom wrench key but alas it was not available. i was asked to stop-by end of november. i really hate it when im looking for s'thing and i don't get it. grrrr! argh i badly need it for my brake calipers as i don't want to damage the screws.

a'way next was CMC. i asked them about gear oil and they said they had in stock and as usual after payment there were none to be found during delivery and so i ended myself with only the engine oil.. i asked them about 75w90 synthetic oil and they gave me dry clutch gearbox oil for cars..

do i look like a guy who'll be using agip chemicals in cars? i'll be much better off @ leal with Elf

they refunded me of course in the end and my excitement of using the chemical i was looking for vanished..2nd item i missed out AGAIN.

and it was hell to go out of pailles. traffic jams everywhere. my frustration kept growing and growing..ah le salon de la maison.. merde :(

next was post office for gasket set. on my way i got the silicone and it was time to eat. it was almost 3.00 p.m. i was exhausted..

finally i got my chemicals @ feu vert store and @ high price too :(

i thought it was over but no. hell of day it was lol. after lunch i met a pal and from an instant i found myself fainting in villebague near la nicoliere. what was i doing there with my friend i dunno. it was six in the afternoon and it started to get dark. i needed to refresh, drink and eat something. direction jumbo where i had a feast. now i was feeling like i ate too much lol.

it was eight when i was back in p-louis and i thought it was over. all i was thinking of was a good shower and my bed. phone rang.

heard a sweet lil voice and the next thing i know i was drinking Budweiser beer ;)

what a day off it was..

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so, ça veut dire qui tone perdi memoire apres? hahahaha ^^ ohh je pense que jamais j'acheterai une moto (byebye kawa)...trop d'entretiens :S

You're a mechanic junkie! lol Nothing like a cold beer to finish a hard working day huh...

eutah la petite kawa t'ira bien je pense :p

mechanic junkie? lol thats the first time s1 called me like that haha :) thanks :)

yeah cold beer :) took budweiser because its one of Man Utd sponsors :P

try BETA at axess, quite expensive but they have stock.

or try DRAPPER at SAM hardware.

facom best do :p

check ca tjr n coute :p

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