The Big Bang Theory Season 1

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The Big Bang Theory is the story of two brilliant physicists, Leonard & Sheldon, with a combined IQ of 360, the kind of perfect minds that understand how the universe works butnone of that help them interact with other people unless of their own kind.

then, a beautiful creature named Penny moves next door and Leonard sees in her a different kind of world and a whole new horizon of possibilities including friendship and love. Penny is a waitress and has a delicate friendship with Leonard and an irritable one with Sheldon.

they are accompanied in their daily life with Raj, an indian who can't talk to beautiful women unless drunk - the grasshopper - and Howard, a jewish who fancies women a lot but has no effect on Penny but is quite popular with other women and start talking in different languages when hitting on a female.

last night i completed season 1 which comprises of 17 episodes. below is my season 1 & next up is season 2 may be as season 3 is currently being aired and got loads to catch up with season 2 first and then attacked the 3rd :p

give it a try, at first it was all nerdy & geeky but in the end it was all sweeeeet-y :p

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Did not know about this serial until today

SOunds good..I wuld love to watch it...dont know if my husb would enjoy it though...thanks for sharing.

I used to watch that but I lost track then...Totally loved it...I need to catch up...Hilarious show 'tis! :)

Azra: hmm i dunno but who knows :p at first i didn't like it but gradually started to appreciate it :p

Wez: get back on track then cuz its nice.. well its not hillarious and awesome like HIMYM but its worth it :p

ritesh: glad you heard about it now :p give it a try :)

watched each and every episode..! Still watching! currently Season 3. :) LOVE IT!

20 best minutes of the day.

s4ndeep: ah lucky you :) unfortunately i can't watch season 3 cuz i haven't yet watched season 2 :( i don't have it @ the moment.

i have only four episodes of season 3 and will keep collection the episodes :p thx for passing by

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