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A blazer is a type of jacket, worn as smart casual dress. The term blazer occasionally is synonymous with boating jacket and sports jacket, two different garments. A blazer resembles a suit coat cut more casually — sometimes with flap-less patch pockets and metal buttons. A blazer’s cloth is usually durable, because it is an outdoor sports jacket - Source Wiki.

i wasn’t very fond of suits nor blazers but when keeping up with ‘How I Met Your Mother’, u can’t deny the fact that the temptation to adopt ‘Rule No. 1: Suit-Up’ arises little by little.

Well now i want a blazer. A navy blue one.

My temptation grew while watching the episode when Ted’s flew trying to date a girl who happened to be the roommate of the girl of his dreams to-be. He usually wears it with a pair of jeans with a nice casual polo shirt inside with casual shoes & i haven’t imagined that actually it’ll look nice - above is the blazer Ted is so fond of.

there is no away i’m gonna suit up like Barney but a blazer hell yeah! From hanging around in a chic restaurant to socializing with a beer at an open bar lounge amongst all; a navy blue blazer is a must lol xD

So Blazers or Suits?


Dude, I wanted that exact same blazer after watching Season 1. I wanted a maroon one. In fact I still want one, but I don't have any use for it. Maybe in winter. ;)

I think you should go for the blue navy one. Are you buying one? Or having it made?

i dunno jev..

i dunno where to start...it was kinda popular long go and widely known as a sports jacket..

hehe indeed ill look for the navy blue one..i've already the shoes to go along wiv it lol :p

well it could be handy while going sheraton or any restaurant at night..

summer non merci.vivement winter :P

i'll look to buy a velvet one..having it made is kinda a hassle

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