Chez Manuel

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Chez Manuel

i woke up this morning & a clear blue sky reflected in my eyes; the very first thought with came cross my mind is that i'm gonna vroum to-day =) but where?

direction ---> Flacq

On friday, i ask'd a colleague about a nice & cosy place to eat and w/o hesitating she suggested to me a restaurant in flacq: Chez Manuel. In fact its not in Flacq but @ in the village of St Julien and in my mind i was wondering where the hell is this restaurant.

so i took my mauritius map on AutoCaD and look'd for St Julien. Its found after Lallmatie and i thought the nearest route was thro' Salazie but when i plotted from Port Louis to St Julien via Moka, it nearest and moreover the weather was tempting to go for a stroll.

The food wasn't bad @ all & i will recommend this restaurant surely =)

However, its a nice & romantic place to eat though. There are parking slots inside, so need to worry about your car being smashed etc :p a cool music being played and i was happy that there weren't too many people having lunch.


Hmm. I will give it a try if I am in the region. But I wonder when, koz for me, it is on the other side of the island lol!

Looks yummy! My tomach's growling now. Haven't had lunch yet. :(

@ yashvin: its worth the trip =) i went there from port louis lol

@ bruno:

150 - 300 - 450 par plat =) + ena menu too :p mai li pa cher la :p

@moodyboo: bon appetit si vous mangez :)

To bizin enmene moi labas ene jour ; )

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