Site Visit: Prince Maurice

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Le Prince Maurice:

Last time, went for a site visit @ Constance Le Prince Maurice. It was to determine the topography of the state lands & the preservation of mangroves in front of the hotel @ Bras d'Eau and in front of Belle Mare Plage Hotel.

Didn't have time to shoot pix in manual mode but had to choose preset mode as pictures were to be taken instantly while listening to the promoters.

a'way it was a nice experience as it was the 1st time i went in the far east of Mauritius. To imagine that this beautiful place will turn out into a hotel site soon w/o no access for public is a sorrow i can't describe

Braderie?? your call =p


Just pour ban riches ek tourist sa, non?

kan to penC pu nepli gagne access r ca ban sites la apres :(
ena meme 1 cemetery pied dan l'eau ba ..

here's my post on this part of the island :P

@Yashvin: guess what? i was just browsing in it LOL :p

beze ca... bien triste ; (

braderie de la patrimoine nationale :s

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