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i'm having headaches and my whole week-end seems to have taken a knock as i'm not in a mood to enjoy it @ all.

back in September 2007, after a big feud, i went for a stroll all alone. i wanted to get out of the city and spend some quality time with myself and enjoy the day but the bad luck continued. soye =(

i took the motorway after the ebene fly-over and guess who were waiting before the trianon fly-over just before the entrance to shoprite? =(

a'way i didn't have a choice and immediately apologise to them cuz i know i was guilty here and i should not linger. i tried to explain that i was coming from hua lien club which is found behind the palladium complex and the only way to get out was to take the motorway and then back on the main roads but alas my plea was brush'd aside in an instant and then they let me go.

guess what afterwards?

would u believe that not even 5 mins later i saw both of them overtaking me and going somewhere else...

shitty yeah i know..bad luck or bad timing..i'm always @ the wrong place @ the wrong time always.. soye net

a'way almost two years later here i am going to rose hill and pay the fine (as if we don't pay enough taxes here in this country) and i thought well its a fix'd penalty and along with paper stuffs etc it will come around 550 like that..

to my surpris'd the cahier told me it was to be 1100 and i had to go back to the bank and get my a$$ back to the court and i asked politely if it was not a mistake..the lady told me its the decision of the court and that most of the time this is the amount by default..

arrrrghhh..a'way i had to pay and politely greeted the people working out there and went away..

since im having headaches, im piss'd off and i wanna scream to hell and f*ck all over..

why am i piss'd off? cuz i had time to travel and go here n there and now i got back, i got summoned..

heavenly mauritius lol =)

mari soye ca haha


mari soye meme :S

Extra soy sa. Enfin moi mo pou dir pa cass latet. Don't let this ruin your weekend.

That must have been a big dent in your pocket too! I didn't realise it's that expensive in Mauritius!!! Damn...

eh? 2 years later??


yep..at first i thought it was a mistake but i remember where i went on that day and i check my pictures folder and bang..september 07 lol :p

morinn / yashvin : soye x 10² :p

wez: yup thats how those little blue schroumpfs act here :p

Merv, to fini gaigne license la ?
si to pas encore mette ene rdv caserne...

l'année 2007 ca man! normal ti enkr prohibited road ca lepok la ! astere la noN!

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