Geocache Navigator™

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Geocache Navigator™

Geocache Navigator™ on your mobile phone
offers you a fun and easy way to enjoy a hugely
popular hide and seek game called geocaching
(also known as "GPS treasure hunting").

With Geocache NavigatorTM you can geocache on-the-go.
Leave behind your GPS device, cables, and paper printouts!
It's easy to use for beginners and powerful for advanced geocachers.

Just grab your phone, seek and enjoy.

Step 1: Create an account at Geocaching.com if you don't have one

Geocache Navigator provides you with an easy and convenient way to find geocaches using your cellphone. Since all the information about geocaches is stored at Geocaching.com, the first step is to create an account there. If you already have an existing user at geocaching.com, you do not have to create an additional account.
To create a new account fill out this form at Geocaching.com.
Step 2: Link your phone to your Geocaching.com account

Log into your Geocaching.com account
Click on "My Profile" in the left hand side menu
Click "Access My Field Notes" on the right hand side under "Field Notes"
On that page you'll see a paragraph about "Trimble - Geocache Navigator application" and a link to click "here"; click it
Fill in the Phone Identifier
To get your phone Identifier:
Launch the Geocache Navigator application on your phone
Select "Settings" from the main menu
Select "Show My ID"
Fill in the Phone PIN
The phone PIN is the PIN you choose when you first launched the application. If you forgot your PIN you can change it by doing the following:
Launch the Geocache Navigator application on your phone
Select "Settings" from the main menu
Select "Change PIN"
Enter a new PIN
Use the new PIN in this form
Click the button to link a new phone to the account
Now your phone should be linked to your Geocaching.com account. Whenever you create a log for a cache, by selecting "Mark as Found" or "Mark as not Found" it will show up on your Geocaching.com account.

Download Here

Please note that this application is compatible with Symbian 60 3rd Edition Mobile Phones


I doubt I can install anything on my old mobile phone ... :P kidding last time I installed google maps but never used it

@bruno: lol..

anyway try take a look @ geocaching.com and look for mauritius and see the different caches =)

its like a treasure hunt=)

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